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Our organization is made by women, operated by women, and dedicated to women's growth and networking.


Welcome to stichting Women in Healthcare - Benelux, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and enriching women in the healthcare industry.

Our organization is made by women, operated by women, and dedicated to women's growth and networking.

We are committed to supporting women in any management position, within the healthcare industry, including entrepreneurs, business owners, NGO leaders, corporate managers, and ambitious women, within the health care industry, who wish to increase their business activity, promote themselves, enlarge their network, and progress their knowledge by having inspiration from other successful businesses and women from all health care domains.

Additionally, we strive to support women who are thinking of starting a business within the healthcare industry, during their start-up process, be it now or in the near future.


We have created an atmosphere of comfort, an open community, and a safe zone, for our organization’s members to come to ask questions, share their knowledge and get advice from other women.

We have built a community of professional women, providing you the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded women who understand what you want and need, so we can help you flourish.
Our activities are done in English and aim to expose women to all kinds of inspiration, business methodologies, and different backgrounds that women from all over the world can offer.

Join us today by filling out our application form, and become a part of our women's community in the healthcare industry.

Our Vision Goals & Commitment.

Building a supportive and inclusive community: Our organization aims to create a network of like-minded individuals who can share ideas, offer support, and collaborate on projects that promote women's health in the Benelux region.

Connecting women to finance and investors: We understand that access to financial resources can be a barrier for many women seeking to advance their careers in the healthcare industry. We will work to create connections between women and potential investors and financiers, helping them to access the resources they need to succeed.

Providing access to knowledge and skills: We believe that education and training are key to empowering women to make informed decisions about their health. We will offer a range of resources and learning opportunities to help women develop the skills and knowledge they need to advocate for their own health and the health of their communities.

Developing a career center for professional women: Our organization will provide a platform for professional women in the healthcare industry to connect with one another, find job opportunities, and access resources and support to advance their careers.

Our vision is to create a supportive and empowering community for women in the healthcare industry in the Benelux region, helping them to thrive personally and professionally.


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The partners list is under update - stay tuned!

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